OP-ED: Israel, where to now?

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Shall the people of Palestine continue to remain forgotten?
A series of smaller explosions, attached to each other in the manner of a string of firecrackers, each igniting in quick succession, led inexorably to the conflagration of May 10, 2021, when the might of the Israeli defense forces was once again pitted against a hapless people in a land that time has forgotten. 

The violence and anger desecrated the sanctity of the month of Ramadan. And, in what may signify a tectonic shift in the attitude and sentiment of the public, the latest rash of violence in a region familiar with little else seems to demonstrate that the community of the impacted, both privileged and marginalized, who cluster on this tiny sliver of land to which the vagaries of history has awarded an importance magnified vastly out of proportion, cease to dream any longer about an amenable conclusion to a conflict endured day after excruciating day.

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