1. M&E Officer & 2. Project Facilitators

Light House Bogura

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  • For M&E Officer
  • Planning
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly work plans in accordance with the overall operational plan of the project
  • Develop user friendly monitoring tools to collect data during routine field activities by the field staff
  • Arrange orientation to project staff on the monitoring tools and ensure all have equal understanding on the tools
  • Conduct field test of the tools and compile feedbacks for finalization
  • Update plans in accordance with monitoring data and other factors in the planning cycle.
  • Ensure that the project activities are taking place in accordance to project plan.
  • Set project indicators in accordance with the project objectives
  • Bring notice of any deviation of the project to the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
  • Keep close contact with the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and other staff members for better coordination.
  • Data analysis and report generation
  • Collect the field data from field staff on a regular basis and compile and analysis those on monthly and quarterly and generate draft reports and submit to coordinator
  • Develop MIS using software and make user friendly for all stakeholders
  • Conduct exist interview of the target population and review the service deliveries
  • Ensure field data and reports are carefully preserved in the file for future references
  • Analysis of field findings and feeding the findings in the project cycle
  • Conduct operation research, evaluation and share findings
  • Assist Coordinator in conducting small operation research on project indicators and share the findings with the project staff
  • Participate in mid-term and project end evaluation with the external consultant and ensure sharing of findings
  • Conduct periodical survey and client satisfaction to assess the service delivery and suggest to improve further
  • Conduct field visit
  • Make field visit as per plan and supervise field staff activities
  • Provide supportive supervision to staff on a regular basis and ensure that field data are accurate and authentic
  • Conduct exit interviews of service recipients on service deliveries and address any burning issues
  • Assist the field team to develop monthly activity plan considering the key factors of the field and the project
  • Ensure that staff are maintaining ethical issues including confidentiality of service recipients
  • Solve the field issues on the spot and ensure communities are responsive to this project.
  • Ensure staff are routinely conducting the field works matching with their work plan
  • Observe field activities and ensure quality service deliveries
  • Prepare visit report and submit to Coordinator for necessary action
  • Staff capacity building initiatives
  • Staff capacity building training need assessment and planning
  • Provide training and orientation to field staff on a regular basis and develop their skill and expertise
  • Provide on the job trainings regarding field findings and ensure staff understand the routine project work
  • Review field findings in the month staff meeting and guide them appropriately
  • Ensure staff has good understanding on target population and show respect and dignity to the marginalized populations
  • Ensure that staff has good knowledge on project sites/cruising points and frequent contact are made on a regular basis
  • For Project Facilitator
  • Prepare monthly work plan and submit to project officer
  • Conduct Citizen Support Group (CSG) formation meeting at union, Powrasava, and Upazila level.
  • Organize annual awareness campaign at Upazila level on people’ rights and entitlements
  • Organize film show of short film/documentary on people’ rights and entitlements
  • Distribute BCC/IEC (Poster, Leaflet, Brochure and stickers) materials
  • Conduct Score card dialogue by 6 steps including score card dialogue.
  • Organize Open budget dialogue/ ward sova/ meeting
  • Observe day & Organize human rights fair
  • Conduct Court yard meeting
  • Assist to organize Sensitization training on pro-poor responsive services for LGIs, community clinic, UFPO, UHCO, FWVs, FWCO, UAO at union level and UFPO, UHCO, Upazila agriculture office, Upazila public health office at Upazila level.
  • Organize coordination meeting among Union, Upazila level CSGs.
  • Data collection, reporting and documentation.
  • Facilitating interface between citizen and service institutions on score card results.
  • Activating existing institutional committees (Health, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation) by meeting
  • Perform other activity as decided by the management
  • Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Experience Requirement

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
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