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Linking Emerging Markets to the Powerhouse of the USA! Priyo’s Impactful Connectivity Reshapes Lives in Emerging Markets, One Connection at a Time!

Run Business in the USA

Access to the American Market!

Receive Payments

You can receive payments from any platform, business or individuals in the USA. 

Make Payments

Pay Anywhere. Shopping through physical and online stores around the Globe.

Withdraw Money

Withdraw from ATMs in 45 countries around the World, or to your Bank Accounts.

Digital Services

Sell your products / services through our platform to the American market.

Freelancers, Gig-Workers

You can receive your payments from any platform, business or individuals in the USA. And, expense worldwide.

Small & Medium Size Merchants

Are you selling products or services to your customers overseas? Do you need to receive payments from them in USD?

Digital Marketing Professionals

Now you can promote your business through Facebook, Google, Youtube or any other digital platforms.

Managed Service for Agency / Enterprise

If you represent a digital marketing agency or an enterprise handling high-volume transactions, kindly email to directly connect with our dedicated business team - [email protected]

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Google etc.

Payments in USD

Global Payment Network

High Volume Transaction

spend any amount you need

Customised Solution

Personalised Solution

Banking with minimum monthly fees

No overdraft. No minimum balance.

When you open a Priyo Checking Account, you will receive a Mastercard® Debit Card that can be used everywhere Mastercard® cards are accepted.

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Watch how easily you can use our platform.

Priyo Mastercard®

Get Virtual or Physical Cards. Pay Anywhere. Shopping through physical & online stores i.e., Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Walmart, Sears, Target etc.

Priyo MasterCard can be used in 45 countries right now, including USA, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives,  Vietnam, Thailand,  Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Austria,  Estonia, Hungary, Finland,  Greece, Poland, Portugal and South Africa.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Priyo Card is supported by both Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Apple Wallet

One of our users had made the payment via Apple Pay

Google Wallet

One of our users had made the payment via Google Wallet 

Payments in Bangladesh

Priyo Card was used at Bread & Beyond Cafe, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Google Pay, Saudi Arabia

Priyo User is making payment in Saudi Arabia by Priyo Card via Google Pay (NFC).

Withdrawals in Thailand

Thai Bath” was withdrawn from an ATM machine in Bangkok, Thailand.

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